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    Ok, <BR><BR>We are trying to move a project from a folder called &#039;proj2&#039; to a folder called &#039;proj&#039;. Both folders are in the exact same root folder. <BR><BR>The project worked just fine under &#039;proj2&#039;, but has met the max number of build errors in the &#039;proj&#039; folder. <BR><BR>Here are some examples: <BR><BR>alpha(10) = Chr(10 + 64) &#060;-- "Name &#039;Chr&#039; is not declared." <BR>Dim blue = RGB(219, 229, 253) &#060;-- "Name &#039;RGB&#039; is not declared." <BR>"Name &#039;vbCrLf&#039; is not declared." <BR><BR>There are more including DataSet having an error. <BR><BR>The weird thing is that we have a reference to System.Data in the project! <BR><BR>The next weird thing is all these things worked no hitch before. <BR><BR>Any ideas?

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    Default WHERE are you moving...

    ...from and to? What *KIND* of projects? What kind of folders? What tool are you using?<BR><BR>It *looks* like you are moving VBScript code to some system that doesn&#039;t understand VBScript. Like maybe VB.NET???<BR><BR>But how can anyone tell from the zero info you supplied?<BR><BR>

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