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    fl1rt Guest

    Default dyanmic image counters

    okay, you&#039ve seen them before..those cute little counters that render how many visitors have been to your site, as a single image.<BR><BR>one minute it could read:-<BR><BR>00102 then the next minute, 00103<BR><BR>now rather than render all those frames by hand in photoshop..<BR>: )<BR>is it possible to render this is in pure asp???<BR>...no componants in other words!<BR><BR>any reference on where to search would be a start at least...<BR><BR>fl1rt

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    Jason Miller Guest

    Default Why use an image?

    Just a feasibility check -- why not do it with a normal number (ye ol ASCII art) and save both a server request and a thousand or so bytes of data?<BR><BR>--JM (never understood the appeal of the bloody things...)

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    fl1rt Guest

    Default RE: Why use an image?

    ...well, it would be boring if we all liked the same things!<BR><BR>the image counter would be used two-fold and served to another server rather than the same host.<BR><BR>1)To display count/position/rank information.<BR>2)To display brand logo / animated feature<BR> - as a single object<BR><BR>I don&#039t think that an extra K of data is going to kill a server when some of the raw HTML pages are 20 to 30 times that size excluding graphics.<BR><BR>3) Also, I hate not understanding how things are done! : )<BR><BR>fl1rt<BR><BR>note: thanks to your comments I&#039ve actually thought of a way around my problem - I could serve the count as straight ascii and build graphic work around it using tables and pre-rendered borders - it&#039s not the solution that I was after, but it effectively renders the same results.

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