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    Hello everyone, I&#039;m stuck! I was wondering if anyone out there has run across a script or knows that best way to approach the following scenario.<BR><BR>I need a script that will check a POP email account. Once it has retrieved an email from the POP account it will then make certain parts of the email a variable. Example: All the emails that will be received in this POP account will have the same format. The Subject might be: FAX DELIVERY REPORT: FAILED for 12155551212. I would like to make the number a variable. Same goes for certain lines in the body of the email.<BR><BR>Once this script has retrieved these variables, it will then run another .ASP script.<BR><BR>I would GREATLY appreciate any type of help! I started programming in ASP close to a year now and I&#039;m learning everything on my own. This is the first time I am really stumped. <BR><BR>Thanks!<BR>Nathan

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    Well, www.aspin.com has some components that can read a pop3 box. It allows you to read the body of the mail into a string, after that it&#039;s some simple string manipulation.

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