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    There are areas of my page that I only want registered users to be able to access. I have an idea of one way to do this: <BR><BR>I would create a yes/no field in Access and have it = "yes" when they sign in. Then when they try to access certain areas of the site, it would check to see if the value was = "yes". If the box isn&#039;t checked, it would redirect them to the sign-in page.<BR><BR>Is this the most effective way to do this? Any help would be appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Kevin

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    Default RE: I ditto that

    That would be the most secure method to do it.

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    Default But just as effective and MUCH faster...

    ...would be to save their login info--including that Yes/No answer--in a Session variable. Then the info is accessible in any subsequent page--so long as the session doesn&#039;t time out--without needing to make an ugly call to the DB just for a tiny piece of info.<BR><BR>And it is just as secure.<BR><BR>

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