Hello. I have created my first app and i&#039;d like to share it with you all.<BR><BR>The app is named flipvideo.exe. It processes, in batch-mode, all of the video files inside a directory<BR>and the subdirectories inside, taking snapshots each x time and finally saving &#039;em as jpgs and<BR>creating a web page that displays info about each movie.<BR><BR>To use the program, here is a sample:<BR><BR>flipvideo.exe this_is_a_test C:videos C: his_is_flipvideo_test 3 25 40<BR><BR>It takes, as you see, 6 arguments in the command line. They are the following:<BR><BR>1.- Name of the web page and of the subdirectory that will be created to store the images inside the<BR>master directory<BR>2.- Path where the video files are<BR>3.- Path where to store the HTML page and the images<BR>4.- Minimal number of images (3, in the sample)<BR>5.- Maximum number of images (25, in the sample)<BR>6.- Seconds interval where to extract frames (40, in the sample)<BR><BR>Maybe you don&#039;t find it useful, but it&#039;s a start for someone that has been less than a month with<BR>C#, isn&#039;t it?<BR><BR>You can download it here:<BR><BR>http://www.flipis.net/video.zip<BR><BR>The source code is included. In case it doesn&#039;t work, compile like this:<BR><BR>csc flipvideo.cs /r:video.dll<BR><BR>and it should go.<BR><BR>I would really like to receive your feedback on the subject. Send it to flipis@flipis.net<BR><BR>P.D: The code is in spanish, and also the console messages :-&#124<BR><BR>fLIPIS