I am binding a combobox to a &#039;Country&#039; column<BR>of a datatable in my dataset...example below<BR><BR>combobox.Displaymember = Country;<BR>combobox.Valuemember = countrycode;<BR><BR>I have given the value member to &#039;countrycode&#039; column<BR>as I want the corresponding code to go in the database<BR>& not the name...like on my form the combobox will display<BR>all country names ..."UNited states","Great Britan"...etc<BR>but in the db only "USA","UK" will go<BR>This works fine...<BR>But the prob is when the flow is reverse ie from the db if<BR>a particular user wants to view his profile the country column<BR>will get "USA" where as I want the countryname to be displayed<BR>in the combobox.<BR>Note: The combobox is supposed to be DataBinded ie the country name which the user belongs should be selected but the rest to the countries should also be shown in the combobox<BR>Thanks a lot