I am currently developing an e-commerce site..<BR>Things are different with online credit cards and stuff here in Greece, and I need some information on how the system works in the USA.<BR>Please help!<BR><BR>The site is hosted in Interland. (www.mdrpassosiates.com)<BR>The hosting package includes Verisign protection, and I have completed the steps up to the step of enabling the Seal in the homepage.<BR><BR>We need to setup the online charging of the site.<BR><BR>What else do I need?<BR><BR>I thought I needed only an account from a bank,<BR>but they told me we need a Merchant Account too.<BR><BR>So a bank and a merchant account are what is missing?<BR>Or should I buy some package from Verisign also? Like the PayFlow Pro they have?<BR><BR>Help!