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    Hi,<BR><BR>I am having problems looping though a form.<BR><BR>I have several pairs of radiobuttons which are dynamcally created from a database.<BR><BR>these are placed in a form and user simply clicks submit.The form is submit to a asp script.<BR><BR>To get the form information I do following in the asp script.<BR><BR>Dim strName<BR>For Each strName In Request.Form<BR>response.write strName & "-" & request.form(strName)<BR>Response.Write Request.Form(strName) & "<BR>"<BR><BR>for some reason I get the name and type of the form button as well as the radio buttons.<BR><BR>How can I exclude this?<BR><BR>cheers<BR><BR>Mark :)<BR>

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    Once you put the elements inside the form body they are part of the form elements now.<BR><BR>If you want to run some operations and you want to exclude the radio buttons from that, then while you run through the loop you can compare the elements with the radio buttons(IF-THEN_ELSE statement) and that way exclude that from that operation.

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