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    Hi,<BR>Is it possible to have multiple sites running on the same IIS? i.e. I want to run another site other than the Default Web Site...<BR><BR>If possible how do I set it up in ISM? I cannot see any buttons for add new site or the like...<BR><BR>I am running WinXP Pro and IIS5.1<BR><BR>Cheers<BR>James

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    As you know XP is a workstation OS it was never intented to run more than 1 little test site at a time.<BR>So in order to prevent people from trying IIS 5.1 does not even allow you to add sites. <BR>THERE IS ONLY 1!<BR><BR>If you want to host more than 1 site you will need to run Windows 2000 Server/Advanced Server OR Windows.NET Server/Corp Server this will allow you to run as many vertual servers on 1 IIS box as you want. The theory is that an IIS5 machine can handle &#062;500 sites. THAT IS A LOT!!! IIS 6/Windows.NET will be able to double that, or so they say.

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