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    I&#039;ve got this web application that needs to send a lot of Press Releases something like 500 to 5000 for example.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve got this mail component ASPMailer that I use.<BR><BR>Now I haven&#039;t tried anything yet, so any input would be great!<BR><BR>I&#039;m thinking of two different approach in order to send those Press Releases<BR><BR>1) Is to make a loop and send the emails one by one increasing the timeout of my asp page.<BR><BR>2) Get all the emails(500 to 5000) and put them into an array. Then when the time comes use the join() statement and use the BCC method of the mail object.<BR><BR>It&#039;s Friday and I haven&#039;t put a lot of thinking into this as it is early in the developement cycle. Although I like to think ahead so can you suggest me anything better or which approach should I use that would be more effecient ?<BR><BR>Sincerely<BR>Vlince

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    Default Option 3?

    Some mailers won&#039;t let you mail more than "N" emails at once.<BR><BR>So send them in batches of 100 or whatever a reasonable max number is?<BR><BR>

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