Recommended or not? Newbie(..ish) question.

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Thread: Recommended or not? Newbie(..ish) question.

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    Mike D. Guest

    Default Recommended or not? Newbie(..ish) question.

    I am opening 2 recordsets from one DSNless connection and was wondering whether this could be slowing down my pages as there seems to be a terrible delay between clicking on the link to the page and the page actually loading.<BR>I have checked my code with the speed tips on this site and I cannot see anything gravely wrong.<BR><BR>I am querying an Access DB 0.7 mb in size,the table the info is drawn from has 4 fields and just under 10,000 records, however each field is only a max of 4 characters long.<BR><BR>Any info / thoughts / expert advice would be appreciated.<BR><BR>Let me know if you want source code.

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    10,000 records in an access database is really starting to push the limits on the web.<BR>and 2 recordsets is adding to the problem.<BR>there&#039 nowt you can do, except get a faster database

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

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    How many of those records are you returning? Is it more than you need to? If you return large recordsets, you&#039re going to slow things down. You may want to time the page execution on the server side (see timing tasks to millisecond accuracy on to see if it&#039s indeed your code that&#039s slowing things down (it could be network conditions etc.).<BR><BR>(10,000 records isn&#039t too large an amount for an Access DB if things are done right, btw)<BR><BR>Richard

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