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    Hey can anyone tell what is the problem with the sql below.<BR>i guess its string problem somewhere<BR><BR>Getting type mismatch error<BR><BR> dim catid , catname, rs, rssql<BR> catid = CInt(Request.QueryString("id"))<BR> catname Request.QueryString("cat")<BR> rssql = "Select path from support where id=" & catid & " and productname=&#039" & catname & "&#039"<BR><BR><BR>******************the error*************<BR>Microsoft VBScript runtime error &#039 800a000d&#039 <BR><BR>Type mismatch <BR><BR>/bf/down.asp, line 7 <BR>****************end *********************<BR><BR>

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    Well, you&#039re missing an "=" on "catname request.queryString("cat")", if you cut & pasted that...<BR><BR>Otherwise, I don&#039t see anything in that set of lines which would generate errors. You might want to save the cInt until you get to rsSql (ie: id = " & cInt(catID) & " etc), but other than that, it&#039s not possible for VBScript to generate errors on those lines (if request.queryString("id") is an integer).

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