does anyone have any ideas on how to change the default month that is displayed in the Calendar Control? I&#039;m using a Session variable (thisMonth=Session("calmonth")) to get the desired month from the form, and then changing it to an Integer (1-12). I&#039;ve tried using the OnVisibleMonthChanged Event to update the VisibleDate property, but this doesn&#039;t affect the months until after the calendar has loaded. Example:<BR>function MonthChange(source : Object, e : MonthChangedEventArgs){<BR> <BR> var thisMonth=Session("calmonth")<BR> var IntMonth = checkMonth(thisMonth)<BR> <BR>Calendar1.VisibleDate = new DateTime(Calendar1.TodaysDate.Year, IntMonth, 1);<BR> <BR>}<BR><BR>maybe I should be using the System.DateTime to change the month?<BR><BR>Any help is appreciated!<BR>Lisa<BR>