Hi - <BR>I&#039;m looking for a FileSystemObject *replacement* that is SECURE.... so that we can allow *users with hosting accounts* to utilize ASP scripts that call the FSO but that doesn&#039;t leave the entire system open to security problems. I&#039;ve heard that some exist that can be configured with directory by directory security settings (or something like that) -<BR><BR>we found ISSecure, but it doesnt&#039; have the security settings we needed -<BR><BR>is anyone aware of an other available FSO replacements out there without having to write it ourselves?<BR> <BR>Have you any idea about where I can find an FSO replacement that&#039;s something like this?<BR> <BR>Many thanks in advance for ANY SUGGESTIONS!!! <BR><BR>best regards<BR>Tim Donahue<BR>ClientReady.com<BR>