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    I am completely unfamiliar with any differences there may be between running ASP on Unix-based or MS servers. Is it possible that when using the Response.Write in Chilisoft, a linebreak would be sent to the browser where there wouldn't be one coming from an MS server? Thank you.

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    Usually the biggest difference is in the error messages recieved.<BR>Since MS knows all the errors IIS has a better chance of giving you the correct one.<BR>As for line breaks, I know they are handled differently on Unix and Windows, so that could be your problem right there.<BR><BR>All that aside, I would not suggest writing ASPs on a *nix box.<BR>This is not because I live and breathe IIS, but because IIS has a better method for processing those and interpreting the output(like errors). Another thing is ofcourse support, not many people run ASPs on *nix. You might as well do PHP if you want to stick with that OS. It will be much more effective.

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