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    I was wondering if you could help me…<BR>I’ve got a web page that’s divided in to two sections…<BR><BR>Section 1:<BR><BR>The top of my page has got a menu which consists of layers that’s set to display with a <BR>Zorder /z-index of 0 and so on…<BR><BR>Section 2:<BR><BR>Consists of a frame that displays the URL’s/pages selected in the menu…<BR><BR>Now for my problem…<BR><BR>When the menu drops down, the frame in Section 2 covers part of it…<BR><BR>Is there a way to set the frame in section 2, to the back and the menu to the front?<BR><BR>Is there something like a Zorder for a frame?<BR><BR>Could you please help!<BR><BR>Thanks <BR><BR>Louis<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Nope impossible sorry.<BR><BR>Here are some options:<BR>-You might want to google search &#039;Chromeless Windows&#039; for the menu, this creates a floating frame above the whole window.<BR><BR>-put the menu bit that pops up in the frame, although every page would have to have this code included (I noticed MS do this on there XP site).<BR><BR>-investigate IFRAMES instead of Frames.<BR><BR>-Don&#039;t use frames, and use ASP XMLHTTP to get the framed content and put it within one page with the menu.

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