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Thread: ASP and IE version : cache prob and param prob

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039;ve developed an application, like a FTP, which had no problem with IE4.<BR><BR>But, when I tested it with IE5 and IE5.5, there was some problems... I don&#039;t really understand why.<BR><BR>let&#039;s have an example : (page1)I&#039;m adding a document &#062; (page2)say ok. do you want upload another one ? &#062; say "yes" &#062; (page1)reload<BR><BR>BUT :<BR>- this page 1 is not reloading with IE5.0 nor 5.5 (but is OK with IE4.0)... We can see the old page, and not the good one (the ASP has not be executed ?)<BR>&#062;&#062; how can I make a "no cache", which will work ?? I&#039;ve done it in ASP, JS and HTML but it doesn&#039;t seems to work...<BR><BR>- another problem is the display of a wrong ASP message : for example. <BR>create a directory REP1 &#062; message is : Ok, done !<BR>It&#039;s work with IE4, IE5.0... but not with IE5.5, which will display the other message (Directory already exists...), but will create it too...<BR><BR>Isn&#039;t it strange ??? Can anyone help me please ?<BR>

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    Default response.expires = 0<BR><BR>put response.expires at the top of your page. <BR><BR>Response.buffer=true works too but if you need your page to stream while it is loading, I would use response.expires instead.<BR><BR>Hope this helps

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