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    dave2986 Guest

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    Hi,<BR>I&#039m try to write "I am tall" with the quotes...<BR>Response.Write("I ---&#062; how?<BR>I can&#039t figure it out...<BR><BR>any ideas.<BR>thanks in advance<BR><BR>sincerely,<BR>dave

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    Kevin Guest

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    You can do this :<BR><BR>Response.Write ("""I am tall""")<BR><BR>Should work

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    dave2986 Guest

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    thanks ...will it also work if i add a session to it..say..<BR>Response.Write("""I am"" & session("height")& "tall""")<BR><BR>thanks in advance....appreciate it...:)<BR><BR>sincerely,<BR>dave

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    Kevin Guest

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    No, <BR><BR>You will need to do this :<BR><BR>Response.Write ("""I Am " session("height") & " Tall""")<BR><BR>Kevin

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    dave2986 Guest

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    thank you very much Kevin, I got it now...:)<BR><BR>sincerely,<BR>dave

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    response.write chr(34) & "I am Tall" & chr(34)

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