How to check for broken likns??????

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Thread: How to check for broken likns??????

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    Sham Sunder Gautam Guest

    Default How to check for broken likns??????

    I want to develop an ASP application which can check and verify all the links present in a page.We will give the URL of the page as input and then it will verify each and every link present on that page.Is it possible in ASP.<BR>Thanks in advance.

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    Daniel Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>Yes it is possible but you would need to do the following :<BR><BR>(1)Read every line in the file, looking for the &#060;A HREF...&#062; tag<BR>(2)Then get the URL from that tag<BR>(3)The try to redirect to that page<BR>(4)Check for the 404 error, if this is present then report link broken<BR>(5)Then check remainding code<BR><BR>It would be a good idea to have a count so that each time you read a line of code it adds one, so that you can then report the link that is broken and what line it appears in the code.<BR><BR>Daniel

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