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Thread: ASP vs JSP

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    Shailaza Guest

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    Hello ASP Experts...<BR><BR>I had enough doing ASP stuff and now my direction is towards Servelts and JSP. Well I have NT with MIIS. To start with JSP what do we need any additional plugin to convert Java pages like IIS service..?<BR><BR>Then how do i develope servelts ?<BR><BR>Is there anybody to guide me to the proper direction? <BR><BR>Thanks and Regards<BR>Shailaza

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    vatsa Guest

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    hi<BR>do hav a look at this<BR>a comparision of asp and jsp by java folks.<BR><BR><BR>thanks

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    Ian Stallings Guest

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    here are some good general sites:<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Here is suns tutorial on servlets:<BR><BR><BR>The JSP tutorial is on at that site also.<BR><BR><BR>I have yet to find a good JSP for ASP developers site.<BR>JSP is very easy to pick up for ASP developers. The<BR>objects are very similiar.<BR><BR><BR>hope this helps some,<BR>Ian

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