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    Hi All!<BR>I have a quick (hopefully) question. I have a page that rotates ten different images in four different image areas. They rotate on refresh, but does anyone know how I can set them to rotate on a time basis, like image 1 changes every 10 seconds without having to refresh? Here is my rotation code:<BR><BR>Dim RandomNumber1<BR>Dim strImg1 <BR>Randomize<BR>RandomNumber1 = Int(Rnd * 10) + 1 <BR>Select Case RandomNumber1<BR>Case 1 <BR>strImg1 = "&#060;img src=images/monitor_set01_01.gif WIDTH=250 HEIGHT=272&#062;"<BR>Case 2 <BR>strImg1 = "&#060;img src=images/monitor_set01_02.gif WIDTH=250 HEIGHT=272&#062;"<BR>Case 3 <BR>strImg1 = "&#060;img src=images/monitor_set01_03.gif WIDTH=250 HEIGHT=272&#062;"<BR>Case 4<BR>strImg1 = "&#060;img src=images/monitor_set01_04.gif WIDTH=250 HEIGHT=272&#062;"<BR>Case 5<BR>strImg1 = "&#060;img src=images/monitor_set01_05.gif WIDTH=250 HEIGHT=272&#062;"<BR>Case 6<BR>strImg1 = "&#060;img src=images/monitor_set01_06.gif WIDTH=250 HEIGHT=272&#062;"<BR>Case 7<BR>strImg1 = "&#060;img src=images/monitor_set01_07.gif WIDTH=250 HEIGHT=272&#062;"<BR>Case 8<BR>strImg1 = "&#060;img src=images/monitor_set01_08.gif WIDTH=250 HEIGHT=272&#062;"<BR>Case 9<BR>strImg1 = "&#060;img src=images/monitor_set01_09.gif WIDTH=250 HEIGHT=272&#062;"<BR>Case 10<BR>strImg1 = "&#060;img src=images/monitor_set01_10.gif WIDTH=250 HEIGHT=272&#062;"<BR><BR>End Select <BR><BR>Response.Write strImg1<BR><BR>Any and all help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!<BR>joko

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    Default You would do it through..

    .. JavaScript.<BR><BR>There are sample scripts like this on Javascript.com or something like that. Also, check irt.org - it&#039;s a fantastic JavaScript reference site.

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