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    So here is a trembling beginner (in .NET, that is) who is trying to choose roughly the right way to go with the TreeView... :-) Any hints and pointers are most welcome!<BR><BR>I need to populate a TreeView, programmatically, from a series of queries from an Access database. Therefore I believe that I need to ADD nodes, SET FOCUS to the node to add the next node to, and... well, that may be it, really. To Add seems to be easy enough, but to "Add a child to node xxx" is darn near impossible! How do I get xxx, and how do I make sure that the new node uses node xxx as its parent?<BR><BR>It may be that I am totally on the wrong track. If you feel patient and helpful, please read on :-)... What I am trying to implement is a discussion forum, with replies to previous posts and all that jazz. I save all posts in a table, and each post may have one other post specified as its parent - or parent 0, if this is a new thread. With this archictecture, I plan to extract data with a series of DataReaders and loop through them to populate the nodes. But maybe there exists some entirely different approach? Any takers?<BR><BR>Peter<BR>

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    Default I found this to be much better than .NET's Tr

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