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    till now i had all images ( *.gif) in the same directory as asp pages . hence the image tags looked like this &#060;img src="img.gif"&#062;<BR><BR>now for management reasons i have to shift all images to ../images ( thats one level up and the images folder )<BR><BR>appdir<BR>&#124-------aspdir<BR>&#124-------imgdir<BR><BR>I didnt want to go thr u huge asp code to change so in IIS i gave the following redirection(for the aspdir directory)<BR><BR>*;*.gif;../images/$0.gif<BR><BR>it worked perfect ...<BR><BR>but till then i had not come across a page that would give method=POST. thats where it failed ...<BR><BR>i get the silly error operations I/O overlapped<BR><BR>Please help me<BR>

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    why can&#039;t you just use a search and replace tool to change the paths?

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