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    If I am reading a text value from a database and if it is the correct text value, I want to pre-select the radiobutton, in the radiobuttonlist. How can I turn on the flag that sets it to "true". I know I can use the SelectIndex property, but how do I set the value to true, after I evaluate the data? More or less, how do I make a flag for the radiobutton. I am currently using a Case statement to eval the text data.<BR><BR>Any help with this would be appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks, <BR><BR>-J

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    &nbsp;<BR>HI..<BR><BR>did u do this ??<BR><BR> If TextBox1.Text = "0" Then<BR> RadioButtonList1.Items(0).Selected = True<BR> Else<BR> RadioButtonList1.Items(1).Selected = True<BR> End If<BR><BR><BR>Happy Scripting<BR>Sri !

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