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    Hi Friends,<BR> I want to know if there is a way by which I can get hold of the USERNAME of the person logged into my domain as soon as he opens a page and pass this information along with form fields. Actually, this is my problem. I created a small web site in my office domain (my system runs WINDOWS XP professional with IIS and is NOT A SERVER). In that I created a small FORUM where users can ask questions and expect answers. Now my problem is that some uses intentionally hide their names and ask silly questions which is quite annoying. Now, I want a method in which as soon as a user opens the ADDQUESTIONS.HTM page, adds his question and subject and presses the SUBMIT button, His Logged in User Name (btw our domain is a WIN NT DOMAIN)and other info (subject and question) should be sent to the script that processes it. HOW DO I DO IT?<BR>THanks for help in advance.<BR>Regards,<BR>Harsha

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    look in the faqs

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