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    I want to transfer a file from a ftp server for which the administrator has given access to our server after every 5 minutes and this file has to be converted into a text file for which i have a converter (executable which converts any file to text file) and now this text file has to be updated into a database automatically.can i do this using help me quickly<BR><BR>

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    This sound like a perfect case for using Windows Script Host. I do something very similar every night on a server that gets about 800,000 records, which I extract, parse, convert, put back into another database, then write a .txt file with the results (a log file) and email me letting me know what happened. It can easily be accompished with nothing more than NT and your script. Go to and take a look at their windows script host section. Search microsofts site for wininet information (object to expose IE functionality), you will find out that with wininet.dll you can easily FTP anywhere. Then use NT scheduling to run your stuff.<BR><BR>Hope that helps<BR>If you have any questions feel free to email me at<BR><BR>

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