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    I have a bit of sourcecode for an ASP online exam, but have a few things that I need to fix. I need to have ASP query the DB (got that one figured out) and determine if there are multiple answers, then use a radio buttons for single answer, and check boxes for multiple answers. It would also be nice if the test taker could have the option of checking a box to review a question. At the end of the test, it would display every question that they marked. Also, I would like it to update the DB after every question answered in case the connection got dropped. Thank you very much for the help!!<BR><BR>Gene<BR>

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    You could maintain a &#060;select&#062; list of all the questions and allow the user to move between each one as well as having a "Next &#062;&#062;" "&#060;&#060; Previous" button to submit to the database.

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