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    Hey<BR><BR>Sorry for posting this..I know its basic but can anyone help..I have been coding for come hours and have completely lost it!!.<BR><BR>I have a cell and I have set the background image..however the image is repeating itsself in the do I set the no-repeat ..I have tried and failed..Again, sorry about this and any help would be appreciated..the silly thign is driving me insane.<BR>Response.write "&#060;tr&#062;&#060;td class=""rptH5"" background= ""../images/blue_left_menu.gif""&#062;

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    Default not ASP

    but i&#039;m bored so i&#039;ll let you know that when set to background, it WILL repeat. no way around that. make the image the size of the cell.

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    Default style sheets (eop)


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