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Thread: Extra path info in ASP?

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    Dustin Butler Guest

    Default Extra path info in ASP?

    In PHP and some other CGI languages you can do something like this.<BR><BR>/somescript.php/extra/path.txt?querystring=something<BR><BR>the somescript.php will execute and /extra/path.txt will be in a variable called EXTRA_PATH_INFO or something, querystring will be the information after the ?<BR><BR>Is this possible to do with .asp?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Dustin

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    Gary P Guest

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    I am looking for an answerto this too, I&#039ve scoured the web for it. So far, I saw a few settings in the IIS Metabase that _could_ have worked, but changing them did nothing. What I want is a URL like this:<BR>/display.asp/Books/GreatGatsby<BR><BR>and get PATH_INFO = "/Books/GreatGatsby" out of it.<BR><BR>The goal is to use only a few ASP files as templates, using the<BR>PATH_INFO to look up content and have search engines index the pages. This technically could be done with <BR>/display.asp?page=Books/GreatGatsby but none of the search engines will index pages with &#039?&#039 in them (correct me if this has changed).<BR><BR>Is the only way to do this to build an ISAPI DLL application? :(<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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