DSN-less or file DSN?? and Session RS

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Thread: DSN-less or file DSN?? and Session RS

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    Renee G. Guest

    Default DSN-less or file DSN?? and Session RS

    I am fairly new to ASP, and am a student in my last quarter (yeah!) as a client server programmer. I have a few unanswered questions (my instructor is very knowledgeable as in VB but fairly new to web database programming). Here goes:<BR><BR>1) The method we are shown is storing the ado recordset in session, but I have also seen info that says don&#039t do that. It seems to me much more logical to open the recordset again instead of tying up session resources. But it also seems that if you are dealing with a very large recordset that opening the recordset multiple times would be as big a drain?<BR><BR>2) I would like to modify my personal website with asp pages and a database, but cannot seem to get a straight answer on how to go about placing the database on my site. Do I use file dsn or a dsn-less connection (or is that one in the same? I have used primarily system dsn&#039s)? Seems I read that for a file dsn you need to complete path, but how can I code a complete path when it&#039s on a isp&#039s server? Or is reference to the file dsn similar to reference to a webpage (requiring only the page name when it&#039s stored in the same directory)?<BR><BR>Thanks, and great resource you&#039re providing!!

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    Jason Miller Guest

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    1) Ideally you shouldn&#039t be requesting so much information from a database that multiple requests outweigh the disadvantages of holding the request in memory for up to 20 minutes (default, per user) after they were last used. Remember that if certain information really is ultra-vital for a page, you can put it in a session variable (rather smaller than a constructed recordset) and not have to recall it from the db all of the time.<BR><BR>2) If you own the database, I&#039d go for a direct OLE-DB connection (search 4Guys: "ODBC"). Remember that, as part of the connection string, you can pull a "server.mapPath("my_database.mdb")" to get around ISP attempts to control... You may need to do some &#039discovery&#039 of which DB engine your ISP is using.

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