As you can see, I&#039ve had to use the reDim statement as Dim is only good for static arrays. The arrays I use expand and contract depending on the size of the fields. When trying to write it to the database, I get errors. In particular the &#039commented out line&#039 of Recordset1.addImmediate rs1fieldsArray, rs1valuesArray. I thought that there should be parans around the two values, but, on running it, it gives an error stating that the parans don&#039t belong. I&#039ve setup a Response.Write to view the information to be sure the rs1fieldsArray and rsvaluesArray is pulling information as it should. This works fine so I know my code is working correctly. It is only when I attempt to add the info to the database that I get errors. The database is SQL7 on NT4, MSIIS. Any help you can give would be most welcome. I&#039m out of ideas on this.<BR><BR>Sub Button1_onclick()<BR> rs1howmanyfields = Recordset1.fields.getCount()<BR> reDim rs1fieldsArray(rs1howmanyfields)<BR> reDim rs1valuesArray(rs1howmanyfields)<BR> For i=0 to (rs1howmanyfields - 1)<BR> rs1fieldsArray(i) = Recordset1.fields.getName(i)<BR> rs1valuesArray(i) = Request.Form(Recordset1.fields.getName(i))<BR> Next<BR> &#039Recordset1.addImmediate rs1fieldsArray, rs1valuesArray<BR> For i=0 to (rs1howmanyfields - 1)<BR> Response.Write(rs1fieldsArray(i))<BR> Response.Write(" = ")<BR> Response.Write(rs1valuesArray(i))<BR> Response.Write("<BR>")<BR> Next<BR> If Recordset2.isOpen() then Recordset2.close() end if<BR> sql = "SELECT * FROM " & Request.Form("LabModel")<BR> Recordset2.setSQLText(sql)<BR><BR> rs2howmanyfields = Recordset2.fields.getCount()<BR> reDim rs2fieldsArray(rs2howmanyfields)<BR> reDim rs2valuesArray(rs2howmanyfields)<BR> For i=0 to (rs2howmanyfields - 1)<BR> rs2fieldsArray(i) = Recordset2.fields.getName(i)<BR> rs2valuesArray(i) = Request.Form(Recordset2.fields.getName(i))<BR> Next<BR> &#039Recordset2.addImmediate rs2fieldsArray, rs2valuesArray<BR> For i=0 to (rs2howmanyfields - 1)<BR> Response.Write(rs2fieldsArray(i))<BR> Response.Write(" = ")<BR> Response.Write(rs2valuesArray(i))<BR> Response.Write("<BR>")<BR> Next<BR>End Sub<BR><BR>Thanks again for any info. Also, please send email to the account listed below my name as reply&#039s to the account where I work do not always filter properly.<BR><BR>Best regards,<BR><BR>John St. Germain <BR><BR>