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    I am dying to hear someone tell me otherwise. What I am looking to do is to learn how to make api calls from a web based application using We are currently programming in PowerBuilder and I am dying to move to the web but with out the ability to make api calls such as HLLAPI I will never get there. I know there are some third party software products out there and that&#039;s all good but if they can do it, I must be able to find a way to do the same. I know someone is going to log on and say &#039;it can&#039;t be done due to security concerns&#039; and what I am looking to hear is that it can be done and for someone to point me in the right direction. I am not expecting for someone to do the work I am just looking for someone to give me some direction in how to make this happen. Any ideas or information would be greatly appreciated... <BR>

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    HLLAPI <BR>High-Level Language Application Programming Interface. An API that allows you to develop and run programmer-operator applications on IBM PCs (or compatibles) that communicate with IBM mainframes using 3270 emulation.<BR><BR>Maybe Platform Invocation Services<BR>ms-help://MS.MSDNVS/vcmxspec/html/vcmg_PlatformInvocationServices.htm <BR>

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