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    Laurie Hull Guest

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    I am trying to use Data Paging (displays recordset using Next & Previous) and Data Shaping (displays recordset in a grouping sort of fashion -- new ADO 2.0 feature) When I set my datashaping class objects&#039 absolute page property I get no records when I should be returning more records. I had the two of these functionalities working separately but when I try to put them together there seems to be a problem. Anyone ever try this before?

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    let&#039s see the code<BR><BR>I like this data shaping. It can get kind of tricky :)

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    Laurie Guest

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    Well, It&#039s a lot of code I can try and past together what I am using. I had the Data Paging working and then tried adding the Data Shaping and that was also working, but then my paging was off -- it was using the Outer Loop recordset for the paging so it was inaccurate. At this point my code is hacked up because I am trying to get it working. The problem is when I set try and set the AbsolutePage it doesn&#039t know what page to go to and it just returns the entire recordset. Even though my couners for pagesize, current page and total records are all set fine.<BR>Have you ever put datashaping and data paging together?

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