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    i have checkboxes which may return multiple results:<BR>Decision Maker&#060;INPUT TYPE=CHECKBOX NAME=Role VALUE="Q4C1"&#062; <BR><BR><BR>Buyer&&#060;INPUT TYPE=CHECKBOX NAME=Role VALUE="Q4C2"&#062;<BR><BR> <BR>Advisor&#060;INPUT TYPE=CHECKBOX NAME=Role VALUE="Q4C3"&#062;<BR><BR> <BR>Also in my DB, there is a field for each with a yes/no value depending on if box is checked or not.<BR>how do i enter the values into the fields in the DB as Request("Role") returns multiple values, each separated by a comma so the following (for example) cannot be used. <BR>if Request("Role") = "Q4C2" Then<BR>RS("Buyer") = True<BR>end if <BR>thank you!<BR>

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    VarArr = Split (Request("Role"), ", " )<BR><BR>For i = 0 to UBound(VarArr)<BR>StrVal = VarArr(i)<BR>&#039;and then you can whatever you want with StrVal<BR>&#039; you can insert the value in your db<BR>Next<BR><BR>

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