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    I need to code a page that build on itself as the user selects options from drop down boxes,<BR><BR>ie two drop down boxesappear, the user selects options which are submitted not using a submit button. SOme sort of SQL will generate another two drop down boxes bewlo the first ones with more options. As sort of validation.<BR><BR>Any idea how to tackle this<BR>

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    There are several things you need to implement, none of which is a big problem<BR><BR>Client:<BR>The form will need an onChange handler for the select boxes, which will call a document.myFormName.submit() action. This will send the form without the user pressing submit (assuming they are javascript enabled!)<BR><BR>Server:<BR>Process form values as you will, create new dropdown boxes (based on data from DB ?), send a new form with the extra boxes.<BR><BR>There&#039;s too much to give you the code, but R&D the above and you&#039;ll be on the right track

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