When I run a database operation such as below using an INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE, I am not able to close the recordset. I can, however, set it to nothing. I know how important it is to close and set to nothing each server object, so I am worried.<BR><BR>I can close the recordset if the sql query is a SELECT. I guess this is because an INSERT, DELETE or UPDATE command doesn&#039t actually create contents inside the recordset?<BR><BR>Set usersConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>usersCo nn.ConnectionTimeout = Application("GoVote_ConnectionTimeout")<BR>usersCo nn.CommandTimeout = Application("GoVote_CommandTimeout")<BR>usersConn. Open Application("GoVote_ConnectionString")<BR>set candidates = usersConn.execute("INSERT into registeredusers (username,password) VALUES (&#039" & ID & "&#039,&#039" & password & "&#039)")<BR><BR>...<BR><BR>candidates.close &#039 results in error, basically saying "no object to close"<BR>set candidates = nothing<BR>usersconn.close<BR>set usersconn = nothing<BR><BR>