Hi All,<BR>I’m an experienced web developer / application supporter more than 4 yrs of experience with ASP/VB/SQL. And I’m looking for a position with ASP, ASP.NET and C# as a web developer or application support engineer. I have been working with ASP, VB, and VBScript since 1997, also worked with MS Commerce Server 3.0, SQL Server (7.0, 2000) and Oracle 8i. Currently working with ASP.NET and C# Language since Beta 1, recently worked on a small ASP.NET (C# Language) project as a developer and administrator with Windows 2000 Server and .NET Framework. <BR>Please email me for my resume at wkhan@triad.rr.com and also I’m authorized to work for any employer without any visa sponsorship. Thanks!!!<BR><BR>Regards, <BR>Waheed Khan<BR>North Carolina, USA<BR>wkhan@triad.rr.com