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    I am creating a flyout menu nagivation system in DHTML and, obviously, I am getting a bunch of weird happenings under different browsers. Basically, there are 5 links placed one under the other in the side bar menu. When you put your cursor over them, the appropriate submenu appears.<BR><BR>If you have had any of the similar bugs that follow, let me know how you resolved it. If you have some time to waste (which I doubt), email me at jkealey@shade.ca and I will provide you with the URL of what I am developping.<BR><BR>IE 5.5: works ok<BR>IE 6.0: works ok<BR>IE 5.0: sub menus do not want to hide, whether you are in the submenu and leave it or whether you go to the next option in the sidebar menu, the submenu remains visible and is overlapped by the next one.<BR><BR>Netscape 4.79: the submenus appear and hide okay but there seems to be something invisible over the div that makes most of the div&#039;s unavailable. I say most because some are available because some portions are available while others, not. I&#039;ve tried playing with the z-index but to no avail. The menu and submenus divs are contained in one big div to make positionning easier. <BR><BR>Netscape 6.2: The submenu links have hover properties. When hovering, it displays okay but when moving off the link, it dissapears. I have managed to avoid this by setting visibility:visible their style but this made them visible even the submenu was hidden. <BR><BR>Furthermore, when moving from one link to the next (between lines), the menu dissapears and reappears. When moving off a link to a blank zone to the right of the text, the menu dissapears.<BR>This second quirk also happens in Netscape 7.0 while the first one doesn&#039;t happen.<BR><BR>I have managed to fix this by removing the href from<BR>&#060;a href="..." class=".."&#062;... I guess I could replace it with onclick but I find it weird that it doesn&#039;t work normally.<BR><BR>Opera 6.05: works OK.<BR>

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    For netscape you can &#039;wrap&#039; divs in layers (ignored by ie) then test for netscape in javascript and use the netscape layering hide and show, this will get the layers working even in Netscape 4.7 and sort out any Netscape dtml issues.<BR><BR>

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