OMG, I signed on on a WEEKEND

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Thread: OMG, I signed on on a WEEKEND

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    Default OMG, I signed on on a WEEKEND

    I guess I truly entered geekhood. I&#039;m on a programming board on a Saturday!!!!<BR><BR>In all fairness, I&#039;m playing around on a laptop, and the baby is FINALLY asleep (older daughter is playing that stupid Pokemon outside). Guess I&#039;ll hang here till klooj_it fires up WarCraft.<BR><BR>Pray for Mojo.<BR><BR>Yes, I&#039;m bored now. Anyone else around? Anyone?

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    Default OMG, I too am a dork

    because I am sitting here responding on a Saturday to your post!!! Oh well. Yes, I&#039;m bored... However, I will not hang around after this post. I will immediately exit this website (but I&#039;ll be back... Monday!).<BR><BR>Hope everyone is having or had a good weekend.<BR><BR><BR>Hitman

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    Default where'd you go?

    we&#039;ll have to coordinate our efforts next time... plus, i fell asleep watching the last hour of Perfect Storm, the 2423432nd time it was on this month on one of our many hbo&#039;s..... i&#039;m getting rid of digital cable.

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