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    There are many types you can connect to a database with ASP - DSN, DSN less and so on. Which one is the best and why?<BR>Thanks

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    I read an article in at and the merits of DSN-less connection and I haven&#039t looked back since then.<BR><BR>I used DSN-less all the time. Once you establish a database folder on your site and get your hosting company to set read/write file access permission and http acces denied, you don&#039t have to talk to them again. Otherwise you would have to get them to setup a DSN each time you want to add a new db. <BR><BR>With DSN-less I just upload a new db and put the new name in my connection string in my asp page and thats it.<BR><BR>The 4guys article also suggested that it was more efficient and improved performance, but I have not delved into the technical side. <BR><BR>Anyway it works well for me.

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