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    I was wondering if someone new how to implement java with flash....What I am trying to do is run a movie based on the If its monday run this flash movie.....If its tuesday run this movie etc.....<BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated....<BR><BR><BR>Thanks, <BR>Joe

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    What you would need to do is create an onLoad event for your document...<BR><BR>Then you would need to use a function similiar to...<BR><BR>var currentWeekday = getDay(Date());<BR>if(currentWeekday == 0)<BR> {<BR> ... show sunday&#039;s movie<BR> }<BR>if(currentWeekday == 6)<BR> {<BR> ... show saturday&#039;s movie<BR> }<BR><BR>The showing of the movie you could do a document.writein possibly to do the showing portion...<BR><BR>Or you could set a variable and call it later on in your page using...<BR><BR>just some thoughts...<BR><BR>--Jason<BR>

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