ASPNET registry rights.<BR>After deploying VB.NET application on a client’s computer and trying to open reports, the such error message appears:<BR>"Cannot find keycodev2.dll or invalid keycode".<BR><BR>I found a solution for this problem at Crystal’s Web site (<BR><BR>This error message appears because the following registry keys do not have rights for the ASPNET account:<BR>- HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTInterface{4A4D268A-DF9B-4FC1-8301-D9FEEEF69F9C}<BR>- HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTTypeLib{8D43D0B9-C14E-4577-9E67-A9A1EEF82302}<BR>Briefly, it suggests:<BR>1. Go into the 32 bit Registry Editor (Start &#062; Run &#062; then type "regedt32").<BR>2. Go to the &#039;HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT&#039; window and select the &#039;Interface&#039; key.<BR>3. Highlight "{4A4D268A-DF9B-4FC1-8301-D9FEEEF69F9C}" and select the "Security" menu then click "Permissions…".<BR>4. In the permissions dialog, add the "ASPNET" account from the local machine and give this account at least read rights.<BR><BR>Do anyone knows the way to set such permissions from a code (or to perform an import those registry entries at the clients computer), without manually editing registry? <BR>A would appreciate any ideas. Although my application is not an ASP application, but I posted it here because it related to ASP.NET topic.<BR>