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    I am using CDONT to send email. All I am trying to do is get the email body to display a web page of any URL I specified. I tried meta refresh to redirect to the specified page but when I view email source, &#060;meta&#062; became &#060;xeta&#062;. I tried javascript window.location and my &#060;script&#062; became &#060;xcript&#062; in the email source. How do I include a web page in the email body? Any help is really appreciated.<BR><BR>Cheng

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    You could forget about CDONTS.NewMail and use CDO.Message, that has a method to do just what you want.<BR><BR>See<BR><BR>O r you can use an object like AspHTTP ( to get the page from the internet and then copy it into the body of your mail.

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