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    We are currently representing a client with a need for .NET individuals in Toledo Ohio- with 6-7 positions. These positions are permanent (no contract available at this time.) Positions do include relocation. <BR><BR>For more detailed information please email me at kjunck@pro-nexus.com and I will be happy to send you detailed information. <BR><BR>* Design and implementation of a role based system based on the corporate and facility hierarchy for content generation and maintenance.<BR>* Development of components in VB.NET for data access to accommodate current Windows authentication and security.<BR>* Design and development of new features including custom document search, newsgroups and online help.<BR>* Developing ASP.NET forms with intranet web contents for the display of status of various projects.<BR>* Data access component&#039;s customization with SQL Server 2000.<BR>* Involved with customizing portal&#039;s database for the needs of intranet<BR>* Design and develop interfaces and data access components using ASP.NET/ASP with client side JavaScript.<BR>* Design of component using COM, ASP with VBScript classes and XML for accessing resident&#039;s data from client&#039;s server.<BR>* Develop a database in SQL Server 2000 and stored procedures for storage and lookup of data.<BR>* Data access layer developed with ADO.NET/ADO and COM + involving transaction management.<BR>* Development of standard add/edit/update web based system with logging to maintain data.<BR>

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    I am an Expert VB:net ASP.net Programmer Could you please send a detailed explanation about the Project Scope at plpm@starmedia.com and Send me Salary details as well. <BR><BR>Thank you<BR><BR>PL Prince Monroy<BR>Senior ASP VB PROGRAMMER<BR>http://www.bestamericaplace.com

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