COuld you please show me or direct me to aplce where I can get more detail on your example. Thanks!!!!!:<BR><BR>strSQL = "UPDATE myTABLE SET " & FindUpdateValues() & " WHERE ID=" & TheID <BR><BR>Function FindUpdateValues <BR>&#039; Iterate through Request.Form and call AppendQuery. <BR>&#039; Append results of AppendQuery to return value <BR>End Function <BR><BR>Function AppendQuery <BR> &#039; See if the value of this element is blank. <BR> &#039; If so, return blank. <BR> &#039; Otherwise, create that "SET" clause and return it. <BR>End Function <BR><BR>This&#039;ll make it MUCH better in the long-run. Of course, you could also include stuff like "myField_type" in the preceeding form, to tell you if it&#039;s numeric of something... <BR>