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    Ok so this might not be advanced to you guys but it is to me..<BR><BR>I have just managed to get working my first interface with domains. In that from user input I have done a script which opens a WinNT object on a pc in question and adds a specified Lan Id the local admins group. All using a bind to a windows account.<BR><BR>********************Code from memory at work today so maybe out slightly*************<BR><BR>prov = ("WinNT:")<BR>grp = OpenDSObject("WinNT://" & computer & "/administrators",username,password, ADS_SECURE_AUTHENTICATION")<BR>mem = grp.add( ...........<BR><BR>I think you guys get the picture<BR><BR>Two Questions<BR><BR>1) Does the object need to be closed and tidied so I do not end up with lots of open network connections from the web server?<BR><BR>2) Is there any way to retrieve the lanid / password of the user requesting the change to bind to their account? Thus ensuring they have the rights to the machine in question?<BR><BR>

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    You have to tell us what OpenDSObject is... some COM object you have?

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    Default It's ADSI.

    I personally close and destroy ANY object that I create or open.

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