Hi, I am trying to create a table with a calculated field in it in SQL Server 2000. I use a function to do the work and I reference the function to define a field at the create table stage. This seems to work okay as long as the fields I am using to calculate with are in the same table. However I would like this calculated field to apply to some new tables where I still want this value. Question is am I doing this properly. Here is a sample...<BR><BR>CREATE TABLE [dbo].[LOG_COND] (<BR> survey_num AS<BR> (dbo.surveyid(dbo.survey.hole_num, <BR> dbo.survey.tool_num)) ,<BR> depth float ,<BR> value float <BR> <BR>) ON [PRIMARY]<BR><BR>The error I get is the following<BR><BR>Server: Msg 1759, Level 16, State 1, Line 1<BR>Invalid column &#039;tool_num&#039; is specified in a constraint or computed-column definition.<BR><BR>but tool_num is correct in dbo.survey.tool_num<BR><BR>no spelling mistakes with tool_num<BR><BR>Thanks for any help anyone can provide me<BR>