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    I&#039;m trying to do the equivalent to using &#060;a href="Page.asp" target="MyWindow"&#062; is asp. Basically I sent some data from a form to another page using taget="_blank" in the form tag. When that page is done doing all it&#039;s stuff I want it to redirect the parent window to another page. I&#039;m just having trouble finding the correct syntax to do this. I&#039;ve looked through a few books, but unless you know what you&#039;re looking for that doesn&#039;t really work.<BR>

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    Default Huh?

    You can use JavaScript to redirect other windows.<BR><BR>Or, you can use target="_top".<BR><BR>Or...<BR><BR>What are you trying to do?

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    Default are you just wanting to...

    ...change the URL of the window that had the *original* form?<BR><BR>If so, try<BR> opener.location.href = &#039;newPage.html&#039;;<BR><BR>I&#039;m not sure whether &#060;FORM Target="_blank"&#062; will cause the new window to consider that the &#060;FORM&#062; window is its opener or not. If not, there are easy ways to fix it.<BR><BR>

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