What i have setup is a grabtable command which grabs a table from another site&#039;s asp page & sends it onto my page. <BR>This all works fine apart from the ASP/HTML code i have brought in has it&#039;s own locations for the images. So i have created the same dirctory locations and inserted the images within the correct place. <BR>However, No matter where i put the images, as the code which i have brought in has the "/" at the beginning, it is moving the location before my root directory. So i wanted to change this data, or add my root directory infront of this, and manually doing it seems to defeat the purpose of grabbing the data (as can just copy & paste) <BR><BR>See http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/031000-1.shtml in regard to what i am doing.<BR><BR>Please help