Ping a server in an ASP page?

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Thread: Ping a server in an ASP page?

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    Hello. If something on an ASP page is relying on the availability of an unreliable third-party server, is there a way to ping it and skip executing a block of code in the event it does not respond? The third-party service displays ads hosted on their end. Sometimes the web server that hosts those pages is slow or times out. We plan to drop them eventually, but for now we&#039;d like to quickly wrap some code around the spot the ads display and see if a connection is available. If not, we want to avoid waiting around while the rest of our page suffers.<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    You could use XMLHTTP object to bring the Ad into your own page. if you get a failed response, ie not HTTP 200, then do your own thing!<BR><BR>This should work, never done it myself, but I imagine it would, Correct me if I&#039;m wrong! :-)<BR>

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    Default Just as slow.

    You are going to FIRST download the image (timing out if it can&#039;t) and THEN display the page.<BR><BR>You might as well just display the page.<BR><BR>I&#039;d try to fiddle w/ your HTML to take the banner ads out of the tables as much as possible.

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